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A cover letter is really a form of business letter. Each resume you mail, email or fax must be accompanied by a wellwritten cover letter. When responding to posted vacancies, each cover letter should show how your background meets the employer's needs (as stated in their job description), as well as why you want to work for that organization, in that position or with that situation. When sending a resume to an organization for which you have not seen posted vacancies, write a letter of inquiry, in which you ask about current or potential vacancies, state why you are interested and what makes you a good candidate.

Introduction And Main Body Include

Dear __________,

  • Addressed to a specific person if possible. Call for a name. Use Mr. or Ms.
  • If unable to get a name, use a title - Dear HR Director, Dear HR Manager.
  • Why you are writing - Position you are applying for or inquiring about
  • Source of referral, if any (Ask permission to use the person's name)
  • Why you are interested in that position and/or the organization
  • Your qualifications and accomplishments pertinent to the position and/or the organization’s needs
  • Concrete examples of your skills and experiences

Closing Includes

  • Statement of appreciation
  • Date you will follow-up with additional information (which could include meeting times)
  • Phone number/email and best contact methods
  • Sincerely,
  • Your Name
  • Phone
  • Linkdin Profile


Sample Cover Letter

Dear Ms/Mr./Mrs. (Insert name),

Greetings !!

I came across your advertisement in (website/newspaper) candidacy to take up the position of a (position name) and I believe that the role describes me perfectly. Even though my resume may primarily appear about academic achievements, I have also been active in extra-curricular activities or achievements / awards (mention activities).

I am a certified professional on Post Graduate Diploma In Automation & Control Engineering. The Training Experience gave me practical exposure to PLC Programming……..etc. I also developed numerous skills such as (mention relevant skills) during academics.

I feel that the combination of my professional training, Bachelor of Engineering in E& C, and skills demonstrated in my student leadership positions will allow me to make a valuable contribution to your company. I am eager to bring my skills and enthusiastic interest in Automation Department to XYZ Company. I look forward to hear from you so that we may further discuss my qualifications and the position. You may reach me at (+91) 123-6868 or [email protected]

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Linkdin Profile

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