Posted Date: January 23, 2018

Graduate Trainee Engineer, Embedded R&D Dept


TECHNOLOGICS headquartered in Bangalore, India. is established by technology pioneers having decades of experience across India & Middle East in controls and automation industry. We offer a wide range of Training & Project services related to PLC, SCADA,DCS, VFD, IBMS & Embedded systems for commercial, residential and Industrial Sectors.

Few of our clients Includes: GE Power Conversion, JSW, ALTEN CRESTEK, TATA VOLTAS, BLUESTAR, FLEXTRONICS, AMCOSAFT, ABB and many more.

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  • Proficient In Embedded C Programming
  • Proficient In Microcontroller & MicroProcessor
  • Handson Exp in Sensor & Field Devices
  • Communication Protocol: SPI, I2C, UART, RS232
  • Handson Exp in PCB Development
  • Handson Exp In Building IOT Technology
  • AI & ML Programming Using Python

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